A batteries-included router for React.

» But react-router already exists, so why another router?

Junctions gives you a great user experience right out of the box, with:

  • Scroll management that just works
  • Page <title> management (with a title announcer for accessibility)
  • A static site generator that works with create-react-app
  • Code splitting via ESNext’s import() proposal
  • Console warnings when a <Link> points to a 404
  • Great TypeScript support

And the best part? Junctions is fast. It combines code splitting and static site generation to give users immediate access to content, then seamlessly adds features as your app loads.

And all without ejecting from create-react-app.



# For defining your route structure, and adding routes to a React app
npm install --dev junctions react-junctions

# For static site generation
npm install --save-dev junctions-static


Junctions is MIT licensed.