Why another static site generator?#

Junctions allows you to build static websites with React. Of course, Gatsby already exists. So why would you use Junctions?


Gatsby is incredible, and it is fast. It is also enormous. It has:

  • 75 packages (at last count), and an active community who are building more.
  • A configurable build system.
  • A GraphQL-based system for pulling content from anywhere.
  • Countless starter projects to choose from.

In contrast, Junctions is just as fast as Gatsby. But it is simple. It:

  • Has only 3 packages.
  • Uses create-react-app for zero-configuration builds.
  • Let’s you define custom routes.
  • Can be added to a blank create-react-app project in 4 short steps.


Junctions-static doesn’t provide as many features as Gatsby. But since a junctions-static app is just a standard React app, it’s easy to add what you need from the existing React and create-react-app ecosystem.

For an example, take a look at the source for this documentation site. It has only two dependencies other than React and Junctions: mdxc, and mdx-loader, which are used to convert Markdown into React components.

So which should I use?#

At the end of the day, it’s really a matter of taste. But my suggestion is:

  • If you’re looking for a replacement for a full featured CMS, use Gatsby.
  • If you want to add static rendering to a more traditional web app, are looking to roll your own CMS, or just need a small documentation website, then Junctions is a great start.

Tutorial: Make a small documentation site »